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Trigger Solvent & Accelerator
Trigger Solvent & Accelerator
Trigger Solvent & Accelerator

Trigger Solvent & Accelerator

Accelerator Series
Trigger Solvent Series
Akzo Hardener Series.

Accelerator Series

ItemAppearanceGel Time(25°C, Min) Cobalt ContentDensity g/m2 Product Characteristic
E4Purple Blue Liquid7-150.70-0.90A new kind of accelerator mainly made from different bitter cobalt and styrene, this kind of accelerator is with high purity, good color, high cobalt content, it is widely used for various kinds of frp products, gel coat, artificial marble etc. And it can improve the quality of final products.
E5Purple Red Liquid7-140.91-0.94A new kind of colorless accelerator with high efficiency especially designed for solidifying up resin under the room temperature. It is made from styrene, cobalt salt and various kinds of new type media by specific technology with high content of effective substance. Dose is only one fourth of normal accelerator and it is with short solidifying time and complete solidifying.
EC-100Blue Purple Clear Liquid7-140.45-0.65It is an ideal accelerator used for solidifying the up resin under room temperature, it is with good stablity , high efficiency and shallow color etc, it will be used together with the hardener like methyl ethyl ketone peroxide or cyclohexanone peroxide and it is widely used for various kinds of products and situations where the solidifying for the up resin under the room temperature is used.
Suggestion Dose: 0.5-4% (Subject to the detailed situation under different temperature, humidity, production requirement etc)

Packing, Storage And Transportation

1.This product is using poly drum packing with 25 L volume, net weight is 20kgs/drum.

2.The shelf life is six months under the temperature 25 C.

3.This product is easy to combustion, it should be isolated from heat source and fire source, and it can not be directly exposed under sunshine.

4.It can not be directly contacted with the peroxide hardener.

5.The loading and transportation must follow the dangerous chemicals regulations under GB190-90.

Trigger Solvent Series

ItemAppearanceActive Oxygen ContentGel TimeLow Temperature StabilityProduct Characteristic
H PasteWhite Paste Like≥5.512-20This kind of product is white paste like substance made from cyclohexanone peroxide and phthalic acid di butyl ester, during application to stir evenly is enough. It is a kind of trigger solvent used for solidifying the up resin under room temperature. This product is with good safety, stable performance, long storage life, complete solidifying and is the ideal trigger solvent used for FRP products.
H-BColorless Transparent Liquid5.2-6.210-18Non-Solidifying Above -5°CA new kind of cyclohexanone peroxide solvent, this product is with high content of active oxygen and usually used together with cobalt salt accelerator as the hardener accelerator for solidifying the up resin under the room temperature. This product is colorless transparent liquid , non solidifying all year. This product is with stable quality, good safety and good solidifying performance. It is widely used for various kinds of frp products made from up resin and it will make the surface of the finished products smooth, shallow color, vivid color and high strength.
LColorless Transparent Liquid5-79-18Non-Solidirying Above-5℃ 48HoursA new kind of cyclohexanone peroxide solvent, it is usually mixed with cobalt salt accelerator used as the trigger solvent solidifying the up resin under room temperature. This product is colorless transparent liquid, non solidifying all the year with convenient measurement, stable performance and good solidifying result and good safety. It is widely used for the coating of the up resin, casting, spray up formation and various kinds of FRP products.

Packing, Storage And Transportation

1. This product is packed with 25L volume poly drum with the net weight 20kgs.

2. This product is organic peroxide with easy combustion and explosion. It should be stored under the shadow under room temperature, avoiding fire source and heat source. It is strictly prohibited to be mixed with accelerator.

3. During transportation, it must be handled carefully and lightly. If the packing drum is with damage or leakage , it should be changed immediately.

4. The shelf life is six months under the room temperature.

Akzo Hardener Series

ItemPurityActive OxygenPhysical AppearanceStorage TemperatureSadt(°C)Characteristic
Butanoxlpt8.5Phthalic Acid Ester Solutionw2560Very Low Reactive Activity
Butanoxm-508.9Phthalic Acid Ester Solutionw2560Standard Type, Medium Reactive Activity
Trigonox v3288.9Mixed Solventw2550Medium Reactive Activity
Trigonox v3889.9Mixed Solvent-10-2555Medium Reactive Activity
Trigonox c988.0Liquid10-2560Medium Reactive Activity

Standard Packing:

Packing KindVolume (L)NetWeight (Kg)
High Density Poly Drum20-3015-30


Welcome to TIANMA, a leading supplier of Trigger Solvents and Accelerators designed to elevate your industrial processes. At TIANMA, we specialize in providing high-quality solutions, with a key focus on enhancing efficiency and performance in various applications.

Akzo Hardener: Unleashing Superior Performance

Our flagship product, the Akzo Hardener, stands out as a testament to our commitment to excellence. With its unique formulation and advanced technology, Akzo Hardener is engineered to deliver unparalleled results across a spectrum of applications.

Coatings and Finishes:Akzo Hardener takes center stage in the world of coatings and finishes, providing exceptional adhesion and durability. Whether you are working on automotive paints, industrial coatings, or architectural finishes, our Trigger Solvent & Accelerator, featuring the renowned Akzo Hardener, ensures a flawless and long-lasting result.

Adhesives and Sealants:In the realm of adhesives and sealants, precision and reliability are paramount. Akzo Hardener, integrated into our cutting-edge formulations, empowers your adhesives to achieve optimal bonding strength and resilience. From automotive assembly to construction applications, TIANMA's solutions redefine industry standards.

Composite Materials:The world of composite materials demands robust solutions for enhanced structural integrity. TIANMA's Trigger Solvent & Accelerator, enriched with Akzo Hardener, plays a pivotal role in the production of high-performance composites. Experience increased strength, flexibility, and efficiency in applications ranging from aerospace components to sports equipment.


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